Analisis Profitabilitas Usaha Penggemukan Sapi Potong Di Kecamatan Gunungpati Kota Semarang

K. Budiraharjo, M. Handayani, G. Sanyoto


This study aims to determine the amount of revenue and profitability
levels of fattening beef cattle in Gunungpati District  Semarang City. The
research method used is survey method. Data collected include primary and
secondary data. Research location in District of Gunungpati Semarang City.
The sampling method is random sampling at 4 Livestock Farmers Group,
each of Livestock Farmers Group captured 10 members, so that the total
sample of 40  respondens. The data obtained are processed in a descriptive
qualitative and quantitative. The results showed that the average number of
livestock ownership as much as 2.89 ST, the average income of farmers
during the six months of maintenance is Rp 1,551,538.-  and the average
profitability of 7.76%.

Keywords : profit, profitability, beef cattle

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ISSN : 0216 - 7387